About Mallorca

The beautiful island of Mallorca is renowned for its stunning beaches, turquoise waters and sunny weather. Mallorca is located in the Meditterean and is the largest island in the Baleriac Islands, which form part of Spain.

The capital of the island is Palma and is home to most of Mallorcas permanent residents,making it a lively and entertaining hub.

Palma de Mallorca airport is located in the south of the Island and is  actually one of the busiest airports in Spain, with flights running throughout the year.

Mallorcas location and year-round good weather makes it a superb destination for holiday makers from all over Europe, looking to escape chilly temperatures and grey skies.

In addition to its beautiful coastline, Mallorca is also famous for its Serra De Tramuntana mountain range. In 2011 UNESCO awarded the Tramuntana range  World Heritage Status, recognising it as an area of great physical and cultural significance. The range provides the perfect backdrop for those wishing to enjoy a get-away-from-it-all holiday with its stunning scenery and peaceful surroundings. For those who love the outdoors and adventure they can make the most of guided tours and walks throughout the area.

Visitors to Mallorca are always impressed by its diverse artistic, cultural and historical heritage. There are many fascinating places to visit across the island  such as medieval fortresses, prehistoric sites, renaissance palaces and gothic buildings all of which provide glimpses into Mallorcas past.

The official languages of Mallorca are Catalan and Spanish. And the local dialect of Catalan is known as Mallorquí, although this can  be spoken slightly different in each village!